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    Should the Motor Trade Industry use better use of their data?

    Within your industry there is a large amount of personal data available to you that is often neglected, often generated by yourself.

    Larger vehicle dealers are quite used to using data to make their customers aware of vehicle offers and service and MOT facilities and often remind their existing customers of MOT and servicing requirements, but does the smaller business utilise information that they already hold to maximise profitability from their existing loyal clients. During the year names, addresses and vehicle information is taken from your customers in the course of your business activities. Do you take email addresses at this time? If so, please allow your customers to opt out of further communication should they so desire.

    The following information from the RAC shows the increase in call outs and reasons in the winter months that you would expect, but why does this information make interesting reading?

    An email to your customers recommending a pre winter vehicle check will show consideration to your customers and could generate extra business at a time when other financial pressures such as Christmas spend their money for them. It may even help them avoid becoming an RAC statistic!!

    Are there any other ways you can add value to your customer base using readily available information?

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