One particularly important area of motor trade insurance is that which covers you in the event of a breakdown. At Nash Warren, we can help you find the right motor trade breakdown & recovery insurance for your business.

We can cover vehicles you own and those you’re working on, towing or transporting, with flexible and adaptive combined motor trade insurance policies that can include your Business Premises (Combined), Road Risks cover and Public & Employer’s Liability insurance.

What is Motor Trade Breakdown & Recovery Insurance?

Breakdown & Recovery Insurance for motor traders is a specialist policy which covers motor trade businesses for a range of issues, such as home start, roadside assistance, vehicle recovery and more.

If a vehicle is owned as part of your business inventory, or it’s one you’re working on for a customer, and it breaks down by the roadside, you may need motor trade breakdown & recovery insurance to cover the costs of recovery.

Who needs Motor Trade Breakdown Insurance?

Motor traders include any business that buys, sells, repairs, services, drives or cleans vehicles. This includes garages, dealerships, body shops, valets, tyre fitters and mobile mechanics of any size.

Our policy extends to any named employees on your insurance, so you can ensure your mechanics and drivers get where they need to go.

If vehicles you use or handle are at risk of breakdown, or if the business won’t be able to cover recovery costs, this rescue insurance policy can save your business money.

What does Motor Trade Breakdown Insurance cover?

Our breakdown and recovery insurance policies are typically issued for a 12 month period, but can run alongside your motor trade policy. This motor trade breakdown service covers motor traders and named employees for a range of issues, including:

  • Full UK breakdown recovery assistance, including transport for the driver and passengers
  • Roadside repairs
  • Onward Destination Service, taking you to your destination
  • Wheel Changes
  • Up to 6 call-outs per year

Are there different levels of coverage available?

Our motor trade policies are all flexible and adaptable. If required, you can increase the number of callouts per year, the number of named employees or other features of the insurance, or combine this policy with your Motor Traders’ Road Risks insurance.

Discuss your needs with our advisors to get the best deal for your business.

What Sort Of Business Does Motor Trade Breakdown Insurance Cover?

We cover all motor trade businesses, including:

  • Mobile mechanics
  • Breakdown and recovery operators
  • Body shops
  • MOT stations
  • Car dealers
  • Service and repair garages
  • Vehicle collection and Delivery agents
  • Valeters
  • Tyre fitters
  • Any other business which buys, sells, services, repairs, moves or cleans vehicles.

Does Motor Trade Breakdown Insurance Cover Road Risk Insurance?

Not always. If you’d like to include Road Risks insurance in your Breakdown Cover, discuss this with our insurance brokers and explore our combined motor trade insurance policies.

What Is Road Risk Insurance?

Road Risk insurance is the minimum level of cover required for motor traders in the UK. This specifies a driver to move any vehicle in their custody for business purposes and covers against accidents and injuries that may occur.

Why choose Nash Warren For Breakdown Insurance?

Our team of insurance specialists share over 50 years of Insurance experience to provide the best breakdown cover for motor traders.

We work with motor trade businesses of all sizes and varieties, advising on the most comprehensive insurance available at the right price for your business. Our customers enjoy great service and great value prices for motor trade breakdown and recovery insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I insured to drive any car on a motor trade insurance policy?

Named Drivers are covered to drive any vehicle owned by the policyholder or any in the policyholder’s custody and control for motor trade purposes.

Who is covered to drive on a motor trade policy?

Only the employees and staff named on the policy are covered to drive vehicles. Any new employees that you wish to drive vehicles need to be added to the policy, which may increase your premium.

Why do I need motor trade insurance?

It is important for businesses working with vehicles to have motor trade insurance in place to be able to drive and insure vehicles not owned by those working in the business. With only private insurance, the named driver is insured to drive a particular vehicle, whereas motor trader’s insurance allows named drivers to move any vehicle in connection with the business.

Why is motor trade breakdown insurance more expensive for under 25s?

Adding employees aged under 25 to a motor trade breakdown and recovery insurance policy may increase your premium because of the relative lack of driving experience. Insurers view these drivers as more likely to require recovery callouts, and the higher risk requires a higher insurance premium.

I just fix cars at home – do I need motor trade breakdown insurance?

It is unlikely you would need breakdown insurance for cars you fix at home, as your clients are likely to drop off and collect vehicles themselves. However, if you were to drive a customer’s car to them, motor trade breakdown and recovery insurance would cover you in the event the car broke down during the return journey. Careful repairs and checks before you leave can help avoid this eventuality, so assess the risk and whether the cost of this insurance is worth it for your business.

Are there restrictions on vehicles that can be covered?

No, any kind of vehicle, whether a van, motorbike, car or other vehicle, can be covered by a motor trade breakdown & recovery policy.

Does Traders Breakdown Recovery Insurance cover both commercial and personal vehicles?

Our traders’ breakdown recovery service provides cover for vehicles owned by the policyholder as well as those in their custody or control as part of business dealings.

Is roadside assistance included in the coverage?

Most likely, your policy will include roadside assistance to get you on your way. Unless your policy document specifies otherwise, you can rely on roadside assistance from our motor trade breakdown recovery service. Discuss this with your advisor when you call for a quote.

Is there a limit to the number of claims I can make in a year?

With our motor trade breakdown service, we guarantee up to 6 call-outs in the 12-month policy period. If you require more in your policy, discuss this when you take out the insurance to see what is possible and the impact on pricing.

How quickly can I expect assistance to arrive in the event of a breakdown?

We work with breakdown recovery services across the UK to provide timely and reliable assistance to our policyholders. Assistance should arrive within 60 minutes.

Are there any additional services or benefits included in the policy?

This policy includes:

  • Full UK Cover
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Roadside Repairs
  • Onward destination Service
  • Wheel Changes
  • Up to 6 call outs a year

For any additional services, a combined motor traders insurance policy is more suitable.

Are there any discounts available for multiple policies or long-term commitments?

Many insurers provide discounts for multiple policies when these are combined. Long-term commitments can save you money over time, as you will avoid price rises due to interest. Discuss discounts with our advisors to get the best deal for your business.

What factors can affect the premium for Motor Trade Breakdown Insurance?

Premiums for all insurance vary depending on perceived risk, so it’s important to understand what your business can expect. Factors that can affect the premium include:

  • Previous claims
  • Size of business
  • Number of named drivers
  • Age/driving experience of named drivers

Can I cancel my Motor Trade Breakdown Insurance policy at any time?

You can withdraw from an insurance policy at any time, as it is a private arrangement between you and the insurer. If you do this at a time when you would normally renew the policy, there should be no charge. We may give you a refund if you have not made any claims, but this may be covered by administration fees, depending on the time left on your policy. If you are still running a motor trade business, you need to ensure you have a new provider covering your business for road risks at a minimum from the moment your current policy finishes.

What should I do if I plan to change my motor trade business?

If you are changing your business, you will need to inform your insurer so that your policy remains the most suitable for your needs. For example, if you are moving from fixing cars at home to running a dealership, you may need to add premises, employers’ liability and contents insurance into a new combined policy.

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