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    What is an Uninsured Loss Recovery Service?

    What is an Uninsured Loss Recovery Service

    In some cases, making a claim on your car insurance can be expensive, and could see you lose money. If you don’t have fully comprehensive insurance, you may face expenses that can’t be covered by your policy. But this doesn’t always mean you will be left with the bill. Uninsured Loss Recovery is a type of policy that covers other expenses when an accident isn’t your fault.

    When might I need Uninsured Loss Recovery?

    If you have an accident that isn’t your fault, Uninsured Loss Recovery insurance can help you claim back any expenses that arise as a result of the accident and are not covered by the other person’s third-party insurance. This includes circumstances such as:

    • Hiring a replacement vehicle
    • Insurance excess
    • Long phone calls to insurers
    • Damage to equipment, property (other than the car) or clothes
    • Cost of public transport such as train tickets
    • Loss of Income

    Providing it can be proven the accident wasn’t your fault, your car insurance policy should enable you to receive compensation from the insurer of the person responsible.

    However, this may not extend beyond injury compensation and the cost of repairs to the car. Uninsured loss recovery helps you recoup some of the expenses that you have as a result of the accident.

    What is included in an Uninsured Loss Recovery Service?

    As well as recovering funds lost due to the accident, this kind of policy can be a lifeline in dealing with the insurance claims system.

    When you’re recovering from an accident, dealing with insurance companies day to day to recoup your losses can be tiring, frustrating and difficult. It may even mean taking time off work to explain and justify your expenses to the other party’s insurance company, resulting in further loss of income.

    Some uninsured loss recovery services appoint someone to negotiate and argue on your behalf, so you can take your mind off the accident and focus on getting back to normal life. This person can help you sort out your evidence, such as receipts, invoices and images of damaged items, and present the evidence to the other party’s insurer.

    Your ‘no claims’ discount is not normally considered a recoverable loss. However, it is worth requesting your discount be reinstated if the non-fault claim is successful, as your insurer may revert your premium to its original state.

    Do I have Uninsured Loss Recovery?

    Drivers are sometimes offered Uninsured Loss Recovery as an extra in their insurance policy when they take it out. However, this is not always the case, and sometimes it is added as standard. Check your policy schedule or contact your insurer to find out if you pay for this service.

    To take out an uninsured loss recovery service, contact Nash Warren today. We are experienced Motor Insurance brokers, working with big insurers to find the right cover for the right price for you.

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