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    Should UK drivers invest in Dash Cams?

    Why have a dash cam?

    Dash Cams are innovative cameras designed to record footage from your dashboard of the road ahead whilst you are driving. These clever cameras begin to record footage from the moment you turn the key in the ignition. Dash Cams are already used in other parts of the world to help to lower insurance premiums and also to act as protection against fraudulent accident claims. There are various different types of Dash Cams on the market from the very basic up to the more advanced that will record footage from both the front and rear windscreens.

    Protection against fraudulent accidents

    With the recent rise in injury claims from motorists involved in road accidents it would seem that a Dash Cam is the most sensible option for UK motorists to use as an independent witness. There has been an increase in the number of fraudulent accidents occurring on UK roads where motorists deliberately cause an accident to be able to claim injuries against the other driver. If all UK vehicles were fitted with Dash Cams then this would prevent these kinds of fraudulent claims being made against motorists. It would also save insurance companies thousands of pounds and in the end lower vehicle insurance premiums in general.#

    Discounts on insurance in USA

    In the USA there are some insurance companies that offer considerable discounts to drivers that have an approved camera or black box fitted to their car to record data such as speed. If these cameras were mandatory in UK vehicles then it may be that this would promote far safer driving. This technology would also probably be welcomed by law enforcement officers as it would more than likely reduce the amount of accidents on the roads as drivers would be more likely to take more care and pay more attention when driving if they thought a camera was recording everything they did.

    Distraction or invasion of privacy.

    Some critics of the Dash Cam have ruled that it would be a distraction to motorists or that it would be an invasion of other driver’s privacy rights. As the cameras generally only film what is seem through the windscreen and store the footage to a memory card it is unlikely that the camera will in any way distract a driver. As for Dash Cams invading people privacy, it is only likely to be filming the back of someone’s car and is not likely to see anything other than the actual car. However, if you are driving to the law then you should have nothing to worry about.

    Our conclusion

    Overall Dash Cams are a great idea for UK drivers and could potentially help protect drivers and insurance companies as well as lowering premiums. These handy little cameras will also promote safer driving and potentially lower accident rates.

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